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Benefits of Choosing KeyZoo’s Locksmith Service in New York

Prompt Response Times: We understand the urgency of your situation. Our locksmiths commit to reaching you within 30 minutes or less, ensuring a swift resolution when you find yourself stranded in a remote or risky location. Your safety and quick access to your home, workplace, or vehicle are our top priorities.

Skilled Professionals: Our team comprises seasoned technicians with the expertise needed to efficiently handle lockout situations. These locksmith key experts come equipped with the right tools, ensuring the problem is resolved without causing any damage to your property or its locks. Trust in our professionals to get you back on your life securely.

Affordability and Convenience: Choosing our lockout service is not only cost-effective but also convenient. Our rates are competitive, and we provide around-the-clock availability. This high level of accessibility proves beneficial, especially when you're in a hurry, making our services a reliable and timely solution.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Opting for a lockout service is often more budget-friendly than alternatives like breaking a window or calling a tow truck. Regardless of the specific circumstances, our experts have the knowledge to extract broken keys, create replacements, and save you from the expense of replacing the entire lock system.

Non-Destructive Entry: Our lockout service technicians are skilled in employing non-destructive methods of unlocking. Specialized tools and techniques are used to open doors without causing harm to the lock. This ensures you won't have to worry about costly repairs or replacements.

Enhanced Security: Beyond resolving lockout situations, our lockout services contribute to improving your safety. If you've accidentally locked your keys inside, for example in a car, with the engine running, we can swiftly regain access to your car, allowing us to shut off the engine and prevent potential theft or security issues.

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An emergency locksmith is a professional who provides 24/7 services to assist individuals in situations where they are locked out of their homes, cars, or businesses. They can also help with broken or lost keys, lock malfunctions, and other urgent lock and key issues, offering quick solutions to ensure people regain access to their properties or vehicles promptly.


It's important to note that attempting to open a car door without a key can potentially damage your vehicle and may be illegal without proper authorization. However, in emergency situations where you're locked out of your own car, you can try the following methods:

  1. Call a Locksmith: The safest and most reliable option is to contact a professional automotive locksmith who can unlock your car without damaging it.

  2. Use a Slim Jim or Big Easy: These are specialized tools used by locksmiths and some experienced individuals to manipulate the door's locking mechanism. However, it requires skill to avoid damage, and it may not work on modern cars with advanced locking systems.

  3. Call Roadside Assistance: If you have a roadside assistance service (such as AAA), they can often send a professional to help with lockouts.

  4. DIY Methods: If you're confident in your abilities and have the necessary tools, you can try methods like using a coat hanger to hook the lock or using an inflatable air wedge to create a gap for a long reach tool. Be extremely careful not to damage your vehicle.

Remember that attempting to unlock a car door without proper authorization can have legal consequences, so it's best to use these methods only in emergencies and with the intention of gaining access to your own vehicle.

Rekeying locks is a task that can be done by some individuals with the right tools and skills, but it's important to consider a few factors:

  1. Skill and Knowledge: Rekeying locks requires a good understanding of lock mechanisms and the specific type of lock you're working on. If you're not experienced in this area, you may want to seek professional help to avoid mistakes.

  2. Tools: You'll need the right tools, including pinning kits and key gauges, to rekey a lock properly.

  3. Time and Patience: Rekeying locks can be time-consuming, especially if you're not experienced. You need to have the patience to work through the process carefully.

  4. Warranty and Quality: If you rekey a lock yourself and make a mistake, it can affect the lock's performance and security. Professional locksmiths offer warranties on their work, so if something goes wrong, they will fix it at no extra cost.

If you're confident in your skills and have the necessary tools, you can attempt to rekey your own locks. However, for the best results and to ensure the security of your home, it's often advisable to hire a professional locksmith who can do the job quickly and accurately.

Unlocking a door without a visible keyhole or knob can be challenging, but there are a few methods you can try, depending on the type of door and lock:

  1. Contact a Locksmith: If you're locked out and cannot find a keyhole, it's often best to call a locksmith who has the expertise and tools to deal with various lock types and access points.

  2. Smart Locks: If it's a smart lock, you may be able to unlock it through a smartphone app or using other authorized methods, such as a PIN code or biometric authentication.

  3. Hidden Keyhole: Some doors may have concealed keyholes. Examine the door carefully for any hidden keyhole or knob. It might be covered by a decorative plate or be less obvious.

  4. Lock Bypass: If it's an interior door, you may be able to remove the entire doorknob or lever, which might reveal the locking mechanism inside. However, this should be done carefully to avoid damage.

  5. Consult the Manufacturer: If it's a unique or unfamiliar lock, check the manufacturer's instructions or website for guidance on how to unlock it.

  6. Seek Professional Help: If you cannot determine how to unlock the door, it's best to contact a locksmith or the property owner for assistance. Attempting to force the door open can lead to damage or even legal issues.

Always consider legal and ethical implications when attempting to unlock a door without proper authorization. If in doubt, consult a professional locksmith or the relevant authorities.